so as part of my internship deal Im doing with nike sportswear, I have the privilege of working in the seeding suite at the wonder ballroom during musicfest northwest. nsw is sponsoring/promoting four bands: reptar, MSTRKRFT, the joy formidable, and brand new. tonight the joy formidable opened for brand new. for those of you who may not know- Ive been a brand new addict since I hit middle school. theres something about the edge in jesse lacey’s voice and the brutal truth in their lyrics thats had my attention for a while. 
I got to meet jesse and help him get some gear earlier in the day, we talked a bit and I had a nifty little badge that allowed me to be at the front of the crowd. about a quarter of the way through the show he stops and said, “this next song’s for landon because hes been listening since 7th grade,” and then they played jude law and a semester abroad.

needless to say, I went nuts.

they completely surprised me, I hadnt heard good things about their live shows, but they proved every negative comment Ive ever heard wrong. they killed it. the drummer was on point, the vocals were on point, the performance was just on point. I’m glad the human race invented the keyboard because my voice is gone, and without technology I’d have no way to communicate.

after the show I got to talk to them a little more, and ended up getting a custom lasered shoebox signed by the band. feel like a little kid on christmas.  

oh and ps. for anybody who hasnt heard the joy formidable, youtube them or check them out on spotify or something. they rocked it. got a female lead singer from the uk so you already know her accent is gripping.