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#NSW All Court Mid TZ
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Had such a good time spinning with King Darius and DJ Jerry tonight! It’s an incredible experience to play music I love alongside my friends. Huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! It got live! #party #Provo (at Guru’s Cafe Provo)

Rough mix for your labor day turn up!

Fairfax street art.  (at Fairfax Ave)

I haven’t recorded a mix in a while. Last night I got the itch and this is what happened. Hope it gets your weekend started nice and jiggy.

My family moved across the country in 2004 to Portland. We knew no one and were hesitant about living near an unfamiliar city.
That lack of familiarity quickly melted away as we began to discover the incredible experiences the city had to offer and became close with new people. Portland became my home, it helped me discover my passions and blessed me with friends who continue to shape my life daily.
Today I packed my car up and set out for Utah with my wife. My family is moving across the country to Chicago soon. This chapter in our lives is coming to a close as an exciting new chapter begins to unfold. I’m grateful for the city who gave me so much, and I plan on coming back in the not so distant future to continue to grow.
Until next time, #Portland. Thank you. (at Portland)


Yesterday was a great day, I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. I can’t wait to marry you. (at Oquirrh Mountain Temple)

AM 1 Milan. Happy #airmaxday! #nike

Most of the collection. #nike #igsneakercommunity

See you later, Portland. #Nike #Flyknit

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I need two pair.

Lunch yesterday with a pretty girl. Photographed in her natural habitat. #DietCoke (at Noodles & Co. )


Paris is home to Stwo (pronounced ‘Stew’), an extremely talented producer who put his own personal spin on Sango and SPZRKT’s ”Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife.” Stwo’s interpretation takes on an undeniable R&B vibe. The track walks Sango’s silky vocals over a more moody type of beat. Stwo subtly loops Sango’s hook on top of  deep pulsing bass to create the mellow feel that perpetuates the entire song. This unique remix deviates from the original enough to stand out but still preserves the idea that Sango and SPZRKT are trying to convey.


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This guy can do no wrong. Mr. Carmack is on his game 24/7. In Stroke It Baby, he samples vocals from Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat. If that isn’t enough to get you to click the play button, I don’t know what is. Mr. Carmack’s distinct drum patterns are present here with plenty of fuzzy undertones that do nothing but accentuate the 90′s R&B singer’s soothing verses.

If this is your first time hearing Mr. Carmack, click here to listen to his other music I’ve reviewed and check out the links below.


My first IDs. Couldn’t pass up the #Pendleton option. #Nike #igsneakercommunity (at Nike Factory Store)